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Job Site Feature in Online Article

Published on August 3, 2016, by in Uncategorized.

Our Desert Wind Project was featured in an issue from the Virginian Plot on July 16th.



The first turbine of the largest wind farm in the southeastern United States now stands above a Pasquotank County corn field.

The other 103 planned for the approximately $400 million project will be built before the end of the year, said Paul Copleman, spokesman for Avangrid Renewables, formerly Iberdrola Renewables.

The turbine will not provide power until after many tests, he said.

The project was first announced over five years ago. The groundbreaking was held a year ago Thursday. The first turbine of the region’s first wind farm is visible to traffic on U.S. 17 west of Elizabeth City. A tall crane stands nearby. Another tower stands farther from the highway but does not have its turbine mounted yet.

All of the roads have been built and 250 people are at work on the site, Copleman said.

“It’s busy out there,” he said. “We’re putting a lot of people to work.”

Each tower and turbine will rise 500 feet into the air and weigh 375 tons. Hundreds of trucks have been hauling concrete and rock to build roads and turbine foundations.

Located about 5 miles west of Elizabeth City, the Amazon Wind Farm will be the largest of its kind in the southeastern United States. The project will generate up to 208 megawatts, enough to power 60,000 homes. The current will flow into the local grid as part of Amazon’s goal to generate 100 percent of its power usage with renewable energy.

When construction ends, the company will retain 14 permanent positions with an average annual salary of $80,000.”

Source: http://pilotonline.com/business/first-turbine-of-largest-wind-farm-in-southeast-now-stands/article_dbe83b12-19de-50f3-9123-97707a647e6a.html

Author: Jeff Hampton-The Virginian-Pilot


Business Expansion

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Here at West Wind Reinforcing we have expanded our operations and are now open for business in Seattle, Washington. Eric Balcom will be the superintendent covering the Pacific Northwest and we are very excited to have him apart of our team! We will keep you updated with future projects within the Pacific Northwest area!





178 Megawatt Bloom Wind Farm

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West Wind Reinforcing will be commencing a 178 megawatt wind farm located in Bloom, Kansas. Bloom Wind Farm will have 54 turbines. West Wind will start on the project in the third quarter of 2016. The Bloom Wind Farm is located on 15,000 acres of privately owned lands that are approximately  20 miles south of Dodge City in Ford and Clark Counties, Kansas. The project is located within one of the strongest wind regimes in the United States. The average wind speed there is over 9 meters per second. We are ecstatic to start the Bloom project.

Facility Facts

​Name Bloom Wind
​Location Ford and Clark Counties, Kansas
Planned Capacity ​178 MW
Fuel Source Wind
Land 15,000 acres
​​Interconnection ​345 kV Clark County Substation

West Wind has another upcoming project that will be located in North Dakota. We are very excited about getting this project underway.






West Wind is on Ironworkers Magazine!

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Back Cover


Infographic About Steel and How It’s Made

Published on July 7, 2014, by in Infographics.

steel guide infographic
Infographic by: BuildingsGuide


Reinforcing Iron Work: The Spectacular Las Vegas High Roller

Published on April 23, 2014, by in News, Steel Reinforcing.

Any structure rising more than 500 feet demands a sound foundation. When the structure moves-and holds more than 1,100 people-there is no room for error.

Members of the Reinforcing Ironworkers Local 416 had to complete their work before other ironworkers could erect the Las Vegas High Roller-the largest observation wheel in the world. The High Roller, slated to open in March, anchors The LINQ, a $550 million open-air retail, dining and entertainment district developed by Caesars Entertainment.

The foundation of the High Roller was just one part the LINQ project, says Curtis Van Norman of CMC Rebar in Las Vegas. The entire project used approximately 1,300 tons of rebar and required 17,000 labor hours to install.

The High Roller brace legs are mounted on plinths that were especially challenging. The plinths extended out of the ground and cantilevered above grade. The plinths are conical on two sides and beveled on the other sides.

“No two bars could be fabricated the same and required a 3D rendering to aid in fabrication and placement,” says Van Norman.

Las Vegas High Roller

(Except from The IronWorker magazine, Issue: March 2014 – Article: The High Roller; Engineering, Teamwork & Ironworkers’ Skill Add to Las Vegas Skyline)


With Slow & Steady Growth in US Construction, What Other Markets Are Growing?

Published on April 9, 2014, by in News, Worldly News.

The muddy Enugu Bamenda highway Nigeria/Cameroon

Before completion of the Enugu-Bamenda Road Project linking Nigeria and Cameroon, travel was treacherous even in the best weather, but forward movement on the project is already producing positive impacts in the region. Financed by the African Development Bank it is a success story, and one that illustrates the opportunities in addressing infrastructure needs there. (Courtesy African Development Bank Group)

With the worst of the downturn behind us, the construction industry in the U.S. is back to growth. While we aren’t seeing stratospheric growth, the green shoots are very much established. And do we really need another boom and bust cycle so soon after the sub-prime fuelled mess of the last few years? Few would actually want that to happen again.

Recent data would suggest that 2014 isn’t going to be a standout year for construction, but that it will still post moderate growth across the board. This hasn’t been helped much by the exceptionally cold winter we have been experiencing, with house sales dropping to an 18 month low on the back of the cold weather. It’s hardly surprising. When the roads are like a sheet of ice, people aren’t going to go out as much. But the concensus seems to be that if you were set on buying a house, the purchase has merely been deferred.

China for Growth?

So where can we look to for strong growth outside our own borders? The incredible boom in construction in China, and skyrocketing house prices, is well known. But it’s also very possiblethat we are going to see that market implode on itself under the weight of eye watering levels of debt.

MINT Countries

The wise money has probably already made its way elsewhere. Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey are the next BRICs. These countries, despite the recent market turmoil, are forecast to be the next economic giants of the world. For example, Mexico, already the world’s 14thlargest economy with some projecting growth to become the world’s 5th largest economy by 2050, is planning to build five million social homes. Meanwhile in Turkey, the value of the construction market is forecast to grow by just over 56% in the 2012-17 period. That’s a lot of opportunity.


While most of the old continent is still lagging, there are signs of economic activity picking up.Randstad recently reported that in September 2013 the UK’s housebuilding industry posted growth at “the fastest rate in almost ten years… thanks to the government’s Help to Buy scheme.” Germany’s construction industry also posted 3.8% YoY growth in December 2013. Other Eurozone powerhouses, namely France, Italy and Spain, are still, however, lagging behind even though we are seeing more positive economic data emerge.


The U.S. market is growing. That’s a good thing. But for constructors who want to expand internationally, there is a lot of opportunity close to home in Mexico, further afield in the other MINT countries, and in the advanced economies of Europe.

Lindsay is a freelance writer who covers news and events in the economy and industry. When she is not working, which is seldom, she enjoys travel and authentic Italian food.

Author Lindsay Edwards of: SEE BYLINE - FEBRUARY 27TH, 2014


China to build world’s most insane bridge

Published on April 8, 2014, by in News, Worldly News.


The phrase “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” is about to have a whole new meaning in China.

The “Mobius” bridge, proposed for the Dragon King Harbor River development in Changsha, China, is about to become the craziest bridge anyone ever had to cross.

The pedestrian bridge, which would span over 490 feet long and 78 feet high, will be made of a series of interwoven, spaghetti-like pathways all constructed at a range of different heights.

The Dutch firm NEXT Architects was awarded first prize in a competition to design the bridge, which will span a river within the town of Meixi Lake. The firm based its design on the Mobius ring, a one-sided surface made by twisting and joining one end of a rectangle with its other fixed end, as well as knots found in ancient Chinese folk art.

“Now we’ve been chosen it will be a big challenge to keep the design alive the way it is,” Next co-founder Bart Reuser told Wired. “But the prospects are pretty good.”

Construction is scheduled to begin next year.


West Wind is Getting Social.

As of February of this year, West Wind has satisfied its long-overdue need to join the social media scene. With the goal to be more present online, West Wind developed a new social media and communications department for the company. They can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. A new blog site has also been established for the company. (Hey, you’re on it right now.) The blog site will accompany West Wind’s main website, hosting fresh content, including industry news articles, press releases, local environmental news, company news, project highlights, and newsletter excerpts,  just to name a few. West Wind hopes that their new social voice will help strengthen and build connections within the construction industry, throughout the US and Canada.

Want to be a part of this new venture? Join West Wind Reinforcing on some of your favorite networking sites, by clicking on the links below!





What have we been up to?

Since its establishment in 2012, West Wind Reinforcing has developed a successful and diverse project portfolio. From Texas to Canada, the West Wind Team has helped build several wind turbine farms along side some of the country’s most reputable construction companies, such as Mortenson Construction, White Construction, and Wanzek.

Below is a list and descriptions of West Wind’s completed, current, and upcoming projects.


Completed Projects 

Spinning Spur II Wind Project: Vega, TX

Completion Date: 8/1/2013
Project GC: M.A. Mortenson Construction
Project Owner: EDF Renewable Development Inc.
Project Size: 87 Turbines

Panhandle I Wind Project: White Deer, TX

Completion Date: 12/01/2013
Project GC: M.A. Mortenson Construction
Project Owner: Pattern Panhandle Wind
Project Size: 118 Turbines

Panhandle II Wind Project: White Deer, TX

Completion Date: 4/1/2014
Project GC: M.A. Mortenson Construction
Project Owner: Pattern Panhandle Wind
Project Size: 79 Turbines

Ganmesa G114 Prototype Wind Turbine: Lubbock, TX

Completion Date: 12/1/13
Project GC: Wanzek Construction
Project Size: 1 Turbine

Black Springs Ridge Wind Project: Carmangay, Alberta

Completion Date: 12/15/2013
Project GC: M.A. Mortensen Construction
Project Owner: EDF EN Canada Development Inc.
Project Size: 166 Turbines


Current Projects

Baffin Wind Project: Sarita, Texas

Projected Completion Date: 6/1/14
Project GC: M.A. Mortensen Construction
Project Owner: Baffin Wind
Project Size: 100 Turbines

Los Vientos III Wind Project: Rio Grande City, Texas

Projected Completion Date: 4/15/14
Project GC: Wanzek Construction
Project Owner: Vientos Windpower III LLC
Project Size: 100 Turbines

Bison 4 Wind Project: New Salem, North Dakota

Projected Completion Date: 4/21/14
Project GC: Wanzek Construction
Project Owner: Allete, Inc.
Project Size: 64 Turbines


Upcoming Projects

Beebe Phase 1B Wind Farm: Ithaca, Michigan

Start Date: 3rd Week in May, 2014
Project GC: White Construction

Fourmile Ridge Wind Farm: Garrett County, Maryland

Start Date: 2nd Week in July, 2014
Project GC: White Construction

Windthorst Phase 2 Wind Project: Windthorst, Texas

Start Date: 3rd Week in May, 2014
Project GC: Mortenson Construction



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